IT Law and Data Protection Advice

Today's information society is based on data processing that occurs globally. but must nevertheless conform with a large number of (national) legal codes. Our experience in IT Law consultation covers software development agreements, outsourcing agreements, service level agreements and the general preparation of licensing agreements and usage contracts.

Similarly, we handle legal issues related to E-Commerce Law and draft general terms and conditions for online shops. Furthermore, we manage litigation related to domain names and therefore are also often involved in the related trademark and copyright matters.

Our commitment to data protection concerns is also closely related to IT Law. New forms of advertising, such as online targeting, SEO or marketing via AdWords, involve issues of legal rights that are constantly in flux and therefore require more specific expertise.

Naturally, we also provide consultation related to the classic Data Protection Law as established by the Austrian Data Protection Act, including the ways in which it is connected to areas such as Telecommunications Law, Employment or Internet Law.